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Drive-by, Lesbian Rap, and BOOM! Explosion!

Good Morning Vietnam! So as you know Destructoid has the weekly friday.night.fights where members of D'Toid come together and do what we do best. Punch koalas! Err...I mean play video games! So a group of us played Left 4 Dead on the Xbox36...


good afternoon, good evening, and good night

Good evening...Infidels! This is my long awaited (not so much anticipated unless someone loves me out there?) debut into the blogging world and I am glad to share it with the Destructiod community. My birth certificate says my name is David...


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Hiya my name is David C. What's yours? It's been awhile since I updated this thing so here goes nothing...really. Now I'm 20 yrs old. (one more year!) I've been a member of D'toid for about a year now and loved every minute of it. (Almost) I have met some incredible people on here and glad that I get to share the joy that is vidja games. Been gaming since I've been a tike and plan on doing so until I'm in my deathbed. (Hopefully by then verbally controlled games shall exist)

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