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WOW 14 Day Trial (PC): Day 2

Sorry this post is a bit late-- work has been kinda hectic lately. This post is meant to cover the playing I did yesterday.

Not very satisfied with my Troll Shaman character, I decided to roll a new character: a Night Elf Hunter. I leveled up my character to Level 7 and enjoyed the forest setting, but boredom was starting to creep in, but it was an enjoyable boredom somehow.

Here are some thing I like about World of Warcraft so far:

-- Exploring an area is pretty fun. I really like how the map screen appears hand-drawn in a Tolkien-esque fashion and how more of it is revealed as you explore.

-- The music is nice and calming, allowing one to get into the coveted "gaming zone."

-- Actually getting to chat with other players in the game is pretty fun, even if the chats have little to do with the game itself.

Here are some quibbles I have with the game:

-- It's funny that the game stresses quests so much, but then fails to point out to new players exactly where one can purchase weapons and armor (I have figured this out by now, but it is not made clear in the intro of the game)

-- There should be more ways to customize your character's look at the beginning-- the range of choices is pretty limited.

-- The quests should have more of a plot to them instead of being rather random.

Oh, well. Back to playing.

Thoughts on my thoughts? Post below. :)
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