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Too Human Demo (360): Review


Too Human is an upcoming 360 game in the Diablo vein that has received its fair share of controversy. After an arduous development period lasting nearly a decade, a demo of the game is up for grabs. A crafty narrative blend of Norse mythology, Starship Troopers, and solid "loot the monsters" gameplay is brought down by a finicky camera, sluggish menu system, and graphics reminiscent of a launch title. Fans of Titan Quest and its ilk will enjoy this, but Too Human is unlikely to bring newcomers into the fold.

First impressions aren't exactly helped when the opening cut-scene looks identical to one in Mass Effect, except with sloppy textures and unsubtle lighting. Melee combat appears to have some depth and the two-stick control scheme works better than one expects. The initial monster designs appear to be little more than palette swaps, but the quirky narrative is what kept me playing to the end. Changing the camera to a Far Away or Isometric view clears up some of the camera issues, but also makes the game look that much less visually appealing.

This was better than I was expecting, but not amazing by any means. I could see how multiplayer could help things out, although having only 2 players co-op is a dissapointment.

Anyone else play this demo and was surprised (or not) by it?
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