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About DJKayone of us since 11:00 PM on 11.11.2009

Hey y'all! Here's the deal: I'm an aspiring writer/photographer, hoping to make it in the world just on my talent (or perhaps lack-thereof) in those areas...I'm currently on hiatus from college, but I did attend Penn State University and that's where I'll be going back to whenever I have enough money. I bleed Blue & White! Go State!

I love to help those in need, especially children. I'm involved in an organization called the Penn State Dance MaraTHON--or just THON for short. It was created to help raise money for children with cancer, in order to make their lives easier and eventually find a cure for pediatric cancer so maybe if you're interested in donating, check it out at https://thon.org/

I also love games, which is why I'm here!