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low-wearing pants banned in Louisiana, USA


Apparently the Mayor in the state of Louisiana has decided to be the fashion police for reals; he is putting a stop to low-wearing "sagging" pants. First of all, it is a Captain Obvious moment because of how painfully stupid this is.

Yet another indicator of how the United States is going off the deep end. You can check out the full story at the BBC News My favourite line has to be this:

"They're better off taking the pants off and just wearing a dress."

What exactly does that even mean? That doesn't even make sense. Are dresses now illegal too? I'm not the kinda girl who would wear "saggy" pants to begin with, but people should have the right to wear clothes however they wish. Just because your underwear is showing doesn't mean it is indecent exposure. This is ridiculous. Hey America, your freedoms are being taken from you, when are you going to stop watch American Idol and do something about it?

Now, I know this doesn't have anything to do with gaming, but it's my damn blog....and hell, I like to stir it up sometimes. Hey maybe I'm acting like a totally cow, but whatevs. Oh, and I'm from Canada where we actually are free.
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