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How to shop smart for the Holidays: Canadian Edition


As I mentioned in an earlier report, the Canadian dollar has now surpassed our American neighbours to the point that we are now being completely ripped off in our own country.

Now before you say "hey that's easy! Just get your sorry ass online for some hawt American pricing", think again! According to The Canadian Press,

"Canada Post and the border agency are advising Canadians who plan to online shop for holiday gifts to place their orders as early as possible. Even then, there's no guarantee that a special parcel will make it under the Christmas tree in time."

Basically the postal system is bogged down because of a staggering 18% increase of online purchases from Canadians.

Your best bet for a sure purchase for this holiday season is to drive south of the border and shop locally. Lots of retailers close enough to the border even accept our amazing Canadian dollar! I like to check out The Bellisfair in Bellingham, WA. It 's soul purpose is for Canadian consumers!

Big ticket items are especially important to buy in the States. So when you're ready to finally buy a PS3, or pick up Rock Band, you'd better drive to your nearest American game retailer, otherwise prepare to be ripped off big time! Canadian retailers are slow to adjust their prices to meet the high Canadian dollar. Hopefully that will change once they see Santa has moved south for shopping this year.
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