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Gaming Ruts: And Breaking out of Them


Remember me? Probably not, since it's been a million years since I posted anything. Well it's been since the creation of Long-Bot. Anyway, I'm really here to talk about gaming ruts. I just emerged from a very very long gaming rut of not playing anything much, and it feels amazing. I know we all get into these sometimes and for different reasons, so I'm going to break it down into factors to why this can happen.

1. Employment

I just recently started working again as of April 14th and had been unemployed for the last 5 months. Being unemployed for that long can really start to get to you. You can become depressed, a total recluse and your self esteem quickly can go down the toilet. Even though I had all the time in the world, I didn't seem to want to spend a lot of it playing my games. I have plenty of games I need to finished still, but the motivation just wasn't there. I really feel like being employed again has helped to bring my spirits up and get me gaming again.

2. Money

Obviously this goes along with being employed, since you usually make your money working (I hope!) Having no funds for buying new games can really limit your games library. Gaming is a very expensive interest to take on, and even if you are making some money, it might not be enough to feed the massive expenses for that new song pack for Rock Band.

3. Friends

Whether you are playing locally at your home or online with friends, it's always nice to have a few buddies to play with. I noticed especially with being unemployed that most of my friends would be busy when I wanted to play with them, because guess what?? They had jobs! With Xbox Live it is important to have an active list of friends that can play often. Sometimes I clear out my list a bit and sift out some of the more inactive people to make room for the hardcore players out there.

4. Games

Again, games or often tied to money. If you have the money, you have your games. Being unemployed really sucked because I couldn't buy anything for myself except the food on my plate. I just bought COD4 last night and it's totally recharged my love for gaming. Before that, I hadn't bought a game since January and that was Rock Band. Rock Band was especially heart breaking because all my friends would download the newest song pack and I'd be left in the dust playing my old songs again and again. At least I had something to perfect!

5. Time

Unemployment gives you plenty of time, but not plenty of any of the other things on this list, so it kind of doesn't matter so much. In the opposite situation, sometimes you can just be way too busy for games because, let's face it: you have a real life too, oh noeees!! Things get even more time consuming if you start a family, have children, etc. Basically the older you get, the less time you have for gaming.

So there you have it. My reasons for why I think people can have a hard time getting back into gaming. I love games so much, it was weird to part from them for that long. I'm just happy to be back. Expect to see me playing a crap load of COD4 this week =)
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