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Oh Canada. Oh Gaming! (Oh Henry?)

I love my country. Our home and native land. True yada yada yada....I would sing the whole thing for you, but your brain might explode from sheer awesomeness. Anywho, this "bloggerista" (Copyright 2007!) of Canada brings you good news: ...


Ocarina of Time Contender for #1 disputed

According to the BBC, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time is the best game ever made, on a list made from fans of the Edge Magazine. Their list is the top 100 games of all time, and while I agree with some of the picks, there are a few ...


Dtoid on Gametrailer's Bonus Round

I was just watching the latest episode of the Bonus Round and I noticed they sourced Dtoid. Talking about Ubisoft opening up their casual games division, they referenced Summa's article from the site. I can't seem to find the article on D...


iPhone game "iWhack"

Yes, I swear this will be my absolute last post about the iPhone I promise! The first game designed for the iPhone in mind is a little game called "iWhack". There really isn't much to it; it is a whack-a-mole style game that replaces the ...


iPhone coverage getting redonkulous

So those of you following the iPhone converage should know by now how insane it is getting: Some random guy tried to mug Newsweek's Steven Levy, and didn't do a very good job either. Also, Gizmondo had a Photoshop contest for professi...


Games they want us to Forget?!

Games Radar has a little piece on accomplished developers who have made crappy games. Now, I'd agree with a few picks on the list...but Stunt Race FX?! This means war! That game was had awesome graphics at the time, a kick-as...


Xbox 360 now with motion control controllers

Gizmondo reports that there is now a mod available for 360 controllers to use motion sensing technology with a special mod chip. No word from Microsoft if this will be used in future builds of the controller or how this would work with an...


Sam and Max on Steam now!

It almost took forever, but the Sam and Max episodes are now available on Steam. The episodes are at $8.06 USD a pop, which is on sale for an undetermined amount of time. They have package deals too which does make it a bit cheaper. I don...


low-wearing pants banned in Louisiana, USA

Apparently the Mayor in the state of Louisiana has decided to be the fashion police for reals; he is putting a stop to low-wearing "sagging" pants. First of all, it is a Captain Obvious moment because of how painfully stupid this is. Yet...


2 Cent Tuesdays: Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality has come and gone since the mid 90's as somewhat of a failure to hit the masses. I'm I the only one who remembers playing Descent II with my sweet 3D glasses in '95? Those were the glory days of "VR", when companies were w...


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Who is the DJ? I'm not really a DJ at all to be honest. If you really want to know just ask me...its a long story. I'm a Canadian gamer who reads and writes about video games. I am just as hyped on the industry as I am on playing the games.

What games do I like? I'll try everything and anything twice.

Music is another awesome thing in my life, I've been a part of a lot of fun projects. I'm just learning guitar casually on my own time, but I played drums for about 8 years or so.

Also I work as an compositor (visual effects) in the television and film industry.

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