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Is it wrong to like bad games?

This is a blog I wrote a couple of years ago that I still feel is relevant today. Just wanted to make my voice heard within the destructoid community and will try and write a more "up to date" blog soon. I know that this is totally subject...


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I'm an open minded gamer with a penchant for survival horror, FPS and RPG titles. My fave games are silent hill 2, deadly premonition, oblivion, demon's souls, super stardust, FTL, timesplitters, The Last of Us, Pixeljunk monsters, anything call of duty and uncharted 2 :D

I'm currently playing dark souls, uncharted golden abyss, killzone mercenary, Oh and Heavy Rain...

Looking forward to getting a ps4 and checking out Resogun and Killzone...

My email is: [email protected]
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