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Never thought I'd be this hyped for a port of a 2010 DS game, but here we are. Can't wait for this to unlock later today. I've been waiting years for the right time to play this and finally the time has come. Time for some Fushigi no Dungeon!


Found my mother's old Walkman F45. Despite being in a dank basement for decades it works perfectly. Listening to Fleetwood Mac's Greatest Hits on cassette will always be a thing of beauty.


When you find an old IBM laptop, there's only one thing to do! Make Fallout references!


Stuffed an entire textbook's worth of Japanese back into my brain over the course of one week and my brain feels burnt. Think we're gonna take a night off and watch some UFC 253. Hope everyone else has a great Saturday night!


Gotten back into my Japanese studies and really enjoying it. Studied it throughout college and this pandemic is the perfect time to focus on improving it even further. If I could get my N2 by the end of next year that would be raaaaad.


During quarantine my computer has turned into a rhytmn game machine and I am okay with this.


I've been breaking out the DK Bongos again and playing Donkey Konga 1, 2, 3, Jungle Beat, and even the Taiko Drum Master game for Switch. I'd fogotten how fun playing with this controller is. A shame they're essentially a relic of the past now.


My older brother got a Razer Kishi for Xbox Game Pass streaming and let me try it out with my Samsung Galaxy S10. It's a gamechanger. Controls are responsive and it's far more convenient and comfy than expected. Gonna have to grab one for myself.


Just got to play the Kickstarter backer exclusive alpha demo for Prodeus. Woah. Probably the best Doom inspired shooter I've played in years. Looks great, sounds great and it's pure chaos to play. Seriously can't wait for the full game to release.


It was pretty cool to see that my latest blog post here about productivity apps on Nintendo Switch was seen by both the creators of FUZE4 and the upcoming Colors Live. That really motivates me. Might have to consider writing more often.


It's officially been 8 years since I first started an account on Dtoid and oh what a glorious 8 years it has been. Proud to be part of a fun gaming community that's only getting better. Here's to 8 more years and beyond!


Bought Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord yesterday, but it was too slow and janky for me so I had to refund it. There shouldn't be a 30 second load screen between every screen transition when load times in the original are instantaneous. I'll check back later.


One of my best friends made $200 selling an unusual hat in TF2, so he bought me Receiver II out of no where. I'd been wanting it since it launched last month. It's just as fun as I was hoping. I have the best friends.


Double dipped on Pathologic 2 and got it for PS4. Runs horribly, but damn do I love it anyway. Every time I think the game can't get stranger or more intriguing it proves me wrong. I simultaneously want to save everyone in the town and burn it down.


The 12" figure in the Dark Souls 2 Collector's Edition is still one of the better special edition goodies I've ever gotten. Looks damn good on the new bookshelf.


Streets of Rage 4 is near perfect and the latest best example of the classic arcade style beat'em up done right. Still too bad one of the best River City/Kunio-kun style beat'em ups, Scott Pilgrim, remains unavailable on digital storefronts.


Looks like there was another big Gen 2 Pokemon leak dumped on 4chan. This one appears to be Gen 2 source code and multiple undiscovered builds between the Space World '97 demo and the finished versions. The files are still being sifted through though.


Taking a break from Cerebus and switching to Jodorowsky and Moebius' sci-fi masterpiece The Incal. I don't know that many people personally who have read it, but it's essential reading for any true fan of sci-fi and/or graphic novels in my opinion.


On to Cerebus Book 3 of 16: Church & State Vol. 1. To be honest I didn't really grasp the religious satire Sim was going for the first time around, so I'm hoping to get a better sense of it on this read through.


Getting back into reading again and slowly going back through my Cerebus phonebook collection. I had forgotten just how sharp the satire of bought-and-paid-for-democracy and aristocracy is in High Society. My 1987 edition is starting to show its age.


Ya boi couldn't help himself. Had to get Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Untold 2 on sale. Between those and my copy of Etrian Mystery Dungeon I forgot I had I'm gonna be set on Etrian Odyssey until the (hopefully) eventual first Switch entry.


I got my Mayflash F500 V2. Worked perfectly out of the box. Then I went to update the firmware so I could use it on my NeoGeo Mini and it kept getting errors. Now it just won't work on anything. I'll probably send it back for a refund. Them's the breaks.


I've been having loads of fun playing Fighters Megamix on my Sega Saturn recently. It's a shame it's never been ported or remastered. Also the Saturn Racing Wheel is lots of fun. I need to grab a Saturn Virtua Stick at some point.


Thinking about getting a used Mayflash F500 for $60. Gift card will cover $50 of it. Mostly looking to play more casual Virtua Fighter 5 and maybe play my Atari Classics Collection with an authentic joystick. Can anyone vouch for its performance?


I'm psyched for Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. The DS original is a big favorite of mine. You ever wish one of those shovelware "50 Classic Games!!!!" collections you see all the time was actually fun and polished? That's Clubhouse Games.


I see...a terrible fate that awaits you!


A reminder that there will never be a more relevant time than now to play Pathologic 2, a game about preparing for and surviving a plague in a small eastern European village. It's now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One (including Game Pass).


Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team DX is reviewing pretty poorly with most publications. Just a reminder that the gaming press hasn't and never will review a Mystery Dungeon game well. They just don't understand the appeal and have no interest in trying.


He really do be vibin' tho


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