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Spore gone gold + system requirements

http://news.cnet.com/8301-13772_3-10017171-52.html SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Windows XP/Vista Processor 2.0 GHz P4 processor or equivalent RAM XP: 512 MB / Vista: 768 MB Graphics card 128 MB with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 Hard dis...


Little Big Planet Mini Music Studio

http://www.gameplayer.com.au/gp_documents/LittleBigPlanet-Embarrass.aspx?catid=Features Ignoring the title and what is a potentially flame-bait article, the one tidbit about mini music studio is interesting. lets ignore the rest for now. ...


Jet Packs in Warhawk - hells yes!

http://kotaku.com/5033955/warhawk-getting-jetpacks-in-new-patch-says-gamefaqs These guys don't stop. They always manage to renew my interest in Warhawk. I can't wait to soar through Warhawk's unfriendly skies in a jetpack and collect some ...


Gears of War Bots confirmed

Okay, for most people bots are so "insert time period" ago, but I really dig it when developers include them in their splitscreen games. Sometimes I just want to play against my riends without dealing with Live and its nice to fill up the m...


Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Gift pack is live

Just downloaded the R6V2 Gift pack DLC for 360. Its a little bit under 300Mbs. The Theatre maps I think is the most interesting addition. While CQB & Mudertown are just re-lit, I think R6V looks better darker. The day time type levels loo...


Cover the new regenerating Health?

After Halo it seems a good amount of console shooters (many exceptions of course) adopted the regenerating health mechanic. Now it seems a lot of game have been including cover as a gameplay option. Is Cover a welcome addition and should be...


Trasnformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen

2007s Transformers film was a nice surprise. Knowing it was directed by Michael Bay tempered my expectations. Plus looking at still shots of the robot designs didn't really help matters either. However I found myself really enjoying the m...


Africa, the new Normandy

It seems all the sudden Africa is a video game location hot spot. With Halo 3, and the upcoming Far Cry 2, Resident Evil and, erm, Wildlife Tycoon: Venture Africa featuring Africa as game locations could the Normandy Beach landing have met...


Niko Belic - Funniest game persona ever?

I'm 14 hours in GTA and Niko has had made me laugh on several occasions. I can't recall ever finding a game's lead character ever being so funny. I mean the previous GTAs have had their share of the funny but it was more subtle. There were ...


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