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yo, friday's are even tougher working from home. it's been three hours and i'm nowhere near anything even somewhat resembling a mild facsimile of productivity.


I'm just so hyped to play through Persona 5 again, guys. Gonna put in another hour of work but my heart is swelling just thinking about it. Not lying, I could cry right now I feel so happy.


This super rad prog-rock group put out a new song that you should definitely check out if you're into that sort of thing #Musictoid


I can't remember who it was that suggested it awhile, but I'm trying the DMC series again with a more defensive/proactive positioning mindset and it's definitely clicking now - so thank you, friend, I'm having fun now!


Expecting meeting's tomorrow morning about our department's plans for employees, including the option to work from home. It's wild to see a courthouse slowing down this much for anything outside of holidays. Hope y'all are okay.


The department I'm at has decided that in-person appointments are to be held for the rest of March, with everything moved to mail or phone. It's a crazy time, y'all.


Finished up season 2 of Hannibal with my girlfriend the other night. The final stretch of that season is still just such a ride, and anxious now for her to experience Dolarhyde.


New dumb jacket in time for P5R. LOOKIN COOL JOKER


Realized last night that I never watched Season 4 of Better Call Saul, so that issue will be resolved by the end of next week


I could definitely go for a World of Horror style tattoo. This game's whole presentation is so rad.


Picked Sekiro back up on Sunday (stopped a lot of PC games while I was waiting to upgrade) and I think I had that moment where it clicks. Not playing it like Souls anymore, making progress. Cleared Lady Butterfly and entered the castle feeling STRONG.


Hi dtoid, I got a turkey today about 1.5 seconds after our hour was up


Started the rebuild yesterday and more or less finished a few hours ago - super happy with it! Thanks everyone who offered advice, especially @indigit4l! You may hate Yakuza, but you're alright in my book


Initial impression of Cindered Shadows for Three Houses - ALL OF THE NEW CHARACTERS ARE SO HOT CAN I MARRY ALL OF THEM AT ONCE


Local brewery started pumping out these desert inspired stouts and they're incredible. Cheers, dtoid - enjoying the second night of a three day weekend.


So I ordered the components. Mobo, CPU, RAM, PSU, case. Might as well be brand new build outside of the graphics card and storage drives. So, anyone have any guides or videos they could recommend for Mobo+CPU upgrades? Wanna study before they come in.


I watched Light Sleeper and now my brain keeps saying "Willem Dafoe as James Sunderland" and I can't turn it off help


Thinking it's gonna be time to move to a new motherboard and upgrade my CPU once my tax return comes in. It seems daunting... but it must be done.


I'm super excited about Parasite winning this year - but also still a little sad about Roma not winning last year


Just finished Judgment this afternoon, and I really had a blast with it. Some of the mechanics didn't land, but I loved it overall. Probably one I'll go back to to 100%. Now I need a palate cleanser before Yakuza 5 HD. Oh, and Kaito best girl.


Saw 1917 last night. While I liked it quite a bit, I'm really not feeling it as one of the best films of the year. That's it. That's all I got.


I'm seriously affected by Paths of Glory each time I watch it. RIP, Kirk Douglas.


So I loaned Yakuza 0 to my friend on Friday


So I'm working on some blog posts about the horrible adventure my friend and I are having in Divinity Original Sin 2, since some people were interested in it - but a quick update: we have yet to leave Fort Joy and have accidentally killed 3 quest givers.


I always get really excited about buying physical Switch games until I'm in bed and have to swap cartridges and think "I wish this was just on my system".


Listened to this one for the first time in awhile over the weekend and had a lot of feelings come back to me. Just a remarkable album. #arbitrarymetaltuesday


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