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Why do YOU like Smash Bros.?


Before I start I would like to state very clearly that this is not a hate or a bash against the Smash Bros. series and its fans, I am genuinely interested in why you enjoy playing these games and compare each your tastes.

The goal is very simple; tell me how you first got into the series and what you most like about it. I've only ever played Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Nintendo Wii, I dislike fighting games and I dislike Multiplayer games but regardless I found myself enjoying Brawl for a small quantity of time. I will admit that I did not experience the game to its fullest potential obviously since I did not play the game "as intended", but hopefully that will change when I give the series another shot when the next game comes out for 3DS/Wii U.

I want ask, do you treat Super Smash Bros. like a fighting game? Are there any of you that like Smash Bros. but dislike fighting games? I can definitely see the appeal of Smash Bros. since you're competing against up to three other opponents in a large arena with various hazards, items and whatnot. Is the random aspect of each stage part of the charm? I understand that learning each and every characters' moveset, getting to know their strengths and weaknesses can be extremely satisfying~

I can also see the series being fun at a small party or event with a whole group of friends (which I don't have), there are both elements of skill and luck involved and I can picture each round getting more and more intense the longer they play out due to the health system.

Anyway please let me know how accurate I am with my assumptions and share with me your personal experiences with the Super Smash Bros. games in the comments.


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