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Quick Review: Robot Unicorn Attack

What do you think when you see the above picture? No, don't tell me, I can imagine. The game I'm going to "review" is all about that picture. That is, it's about Unicorns, Fairies, Rainbows, Dreams, Happiness, and Love. If you browse ...


About Cyrilone of us since 7:08 AM on 01.02.2010

Name: Stephanie
Age: Mid-twenties
Occupation: Undergrad/Veterinary Technician

Favorite Genres:
1. RPGs (All, WRPG, JRPG, ARPG, SRPG, etc.)
2. Survival Horror
3. Platforming

I am not particularly interesting. I am currently an undergraduate in my third year of college majoring both Mathematics and Animal Sciences.

I've been writing about games, in the form of FAQs, for about 8 years. I write under the name of "Cyril" and you can find some of my work on sites like GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. In particular, I write FAQs for Suikoden titles.