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This week's brew of the week "Skalrok" a Nordic Style Pale Ale. Brewed and Bottled by Elysian Brewing in Seattle,WA, right in my homestate's backyard:


Been messing about with the PC version of FH5 after Turn 10 and Playground Games put out the delayed hotfix. The ultra settings aren't borked anymore and it plays nicely with my antivirus now.


For anyone still playing Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown, the "Cutting-Edge Aircraft" series set has been released as of November 16th 2021:


If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 Miles Per Hour, you're gonna see some serious shit:


The latest in boneheaded moves that Youtube has made. Let your displeasure be known using all the tools available:


Using Digital Foundry's settings as a template for the PC version but changed a couple of settings (texture quality: extreme, msaa: 8x) to make it more presentable in conjunction with scaling setting (quality) mentioned:


Just a few hours into FH5 and there's already some major issues. Poor texture load-in and I've got it set on "Ultra" settings across the board on my PC:


Whelp I'm over in virtual Mexico for Forza Horizon 5 (Nia is now making angry Welsh and Spanish noises). Pic is slightly related to the game I'm playing and a shout-out to Meursalt from a couple of months ago.


Decided to pull the trigger and get a GB Operator. I've just had enough of the way Nintendo has been handling their retro library of games across multiple systems, their slow drip-feed of games is a joke. On top of that the price is taking the fucking pis


If I'm going to get Padoru-ed, I might as well make it a Welsh Padoru:


Been playing Metroid Dread, captioned one of the shuttle loading screens:


In other news Windows 11 has been released, might wait until January before installing it on my machine. Created installation media (USB Drive in my case) to use when I'm ready to do so.


Ever have a day at work where the phrase "I need a fucking drink" applies once you complete your shift. That's me right now.


About 16 hours into Tales of Arise, still having a good time with it on the normal difficulty. Cat-girl Shionne is best Cat-girl, fight me:


A shadow-drop of the Castlevania GBA trilogy (I can ignore Dracula X) in addition to Bayonetta 3 (coming in 2022) is a good way to cap off the Direct.


I give up, can't get the bloody Qtoid log-in to play nicely with the front-page log-in.


Things are a bit borked on my end, can't post on Disqus.


Things are a bit borked on my end, can't comment on the frontpage again.


Been on this planet for 31 years now, hope to be around for 31+ years in the future.


Just been listening to Lofi tunes while taking care of laundry:


Been poking around on Windows 11 in React, learning how to work with that new OS all without having to download a "Windows insider build". Seems promising so far, just had to re-align the icons to the left, don't want the macOS look throwing my memory off


I love Android firmware updates, especially when they screw up my phone's battery life. I also love having to factory reset just to get everything back to where it worked properly. /s


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