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About CycloneX3one of us since 7:09 PM on 12.07.2010

Uh... lets see... get into gaming? Neighbor came over, and introduced me to a little dude in a little game named Megaman 2. It was all downhill from there. Started on Atari 2600 blastin boats in River Raid, Catchin' bombs in Kaboom!(can't forget the exclimation point), and killin' tanks in combat. Moved on to my friend's Nintendo/Genesis. Countless hours of Mario3, Altered Beast, Mj's Moonwalker, and Marblemadness ensued. SNES was the 2nd console I owned. I was a blockbuster fiend. So many good games. N64, PS1, Xbox, Dreamcast, 360, Wii. Good times.

Currently Own:
1 Atari 2600
1 N64
1 PSone
1 Dreamcast
1 Xbox
1 360
1 Wii
1 Computer
So, uh... come rob me?

Fave' Games:
Super Metroid
Descent Freespace
Goldeneye N64
Splinter Cell Series (NO DOUBLE AGENT!)
Soul Calibur 1
Dead Space
LOZ Link's Awakening
Contra III: The Alien Wars

Playing right now?:
Mass Effect