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This is the Blog that doesn't end...

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Press Start 2 Continue

Looks like my favorite low-budget, homemade, videogame-inspired flick Press Start is getting a sequel, due in 2010. That's a good thing, to quote that disgusting lump of failure Martha Stewart. A good thing indeed. The original Press S...


Fanboys - What makes 'em tick?

Somewhere along the way a large section of gamers lost track of the fact that games are central to one's enjoyment of the hobby, with thier focus shifting instead to importance of the name attached to the box on which they play them. I've ...


Superman 64 Review! Fer Realz!

Superman 64: A Misleading Review By Cyberxion Superman 64 was the pinnacle of awesomeness upon it's release on the Nintendo 64. The game used unique, never-before-seen graphical tricks to immerse the player in a true-to-comic-book version ...


Sans Rose Colored Glasses.

Yeah, I know it's lame to write up a blog post to determine interest in a potential future blog-post, but that's what I'm doing anyway, and you naysayers can lick the stink nuggets from between my ass-cheeks if you don't like it. Anyway,...


About Cyberxionone of us since 2:34 PM on 12.25.2006

* I'm a jaded asshole with a chip on his shoulder and an overinflated sense of self-importance. I'm also notoriously lacking in the ability to let shit slide, so take that as a warning should you take it upon yourself to act like a dick-hole around me. I can dance all day motherfuckers.

* I have an old-school love of old-school games.

* I don't consider myself to be a hardcore gamer, if only because the term 'hardcore gamer' comes off like an elitist badge made for jerk-holes, so lacking in social skills that they can afford to spend the time and cash required to earn the label. Maybe that's not what it truly means, but we're all brought together by a love of the hobby, so fuck the bullshit labels and the horse they rode in on.

* I once killed a man just to watch him die. Then I skull-fucked the corpse.

* I'm still holding out hope that one day the Wii's potential will be met. Until then it's merely an interesting diversion.

* I'm a fan of gaming in all of it's forms, and think that being brand-loyal to the point of bias is silly, and gets in the way of truly enjoying the hobby.

* I don't have anything else to put here now, but can't stop typing these stupid bullet-points.

Anyway, all that aside, I'm just here to have a good time. Any like-minded individuals can feel free to add me to their friend's lists.

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