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Sega is Still showing the Dreamcast love

Over on Kotaku I saw the news break and wanted to break it here before anyone else did. Since I've established I'm a sega freak so here it be. http://www.seganerds.com/2008/03/08/sega-japan-still-showing-dreamcast-support-in-2008/#more-381...


Alternate Universetoid: The Saturn 2

Ok this entry is taking you into an alternate universe. One where the Playstation failed, Everybody hated pokemon and as a result Nintendo almost goes bankrupt. The XBOX still existed but nobody cared. Now you might get confused the Plays...


My Favorite EPIC final Boss battles

Castlevania III As a Kid I remember the 3 forms of Dracula being quite Epic and Wow inducing. To this day I still look back in awe of it. Mega Man X4 2 bosses at once and this is only the 2nd half! One of the best mega man boss fight...


Greetings and Salutations Dtoiders

Howdy, I'm the new guy. 26, Single, Love all games, Kung fu movies, Some Anime, WWE and Old School ECW. Currently I'm playing Rock Band and over on Dreamcast the Legendary Street Fighter Alpha 3. I'm a life long fan of fighters going all t...


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