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About CyberSpaceCatone of us since 5:54 PM on 09.04.2012

20 years old and from Norway I'm an avid videogame player and an aspiring indie developer.
I draw comics over at my tumblr and work in 3d, as well as the unreal engine.
Did I mention I like drawing? I've been doing artworks and comics for most of my life, mostly animals because hey, who doesn't love animals? (besides allergic/awful people)
I'm also currently planning out a full on comic book that I'll be working on, more info on that as it nears production.

I don't know if there is much to say really, I play videogames and I love em, I particularly like third person action/stealth games as you'll see in my top 5 below, but I try and play as much as I can with my time and money (although I steer away from games I know I won't like)
I am also a fan of character action games like Bayonetta and...baaayonetta (I like bayonetta) and any game with a great and precise melee combat system.
I like shooters as well, played a ton of battlefield (1942 - 2142) and counter strike back in the day and thus I enjoy myself a good team based multiplayer shooter now and then; it's hard to get excited about a shooter nowadays (especially military ones) with how samy they're all getting.

Anyway, I think that should be it. I'm new here to destructoid but have been listening to podtoid and following the dtoid show for a while, as well as Jim Sterlings other outlets like the Jimquistition.

Oh, also ponies.


Top 5 videogames (in no set-in-stone order)
-Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory
-Sly Cooper 2: band of thieves
-Ratchet & Clank 2: going commando
-Metal Gear Solid 1 (or 3 I can't decide...)
-Rayman 2: the great escape

My tumblr [warning: ponies!]

My DeviantART: [not very good at updating this one...]

Twitter: @cyberspacecat
FB: Aleksander Øglænd
steam: roughplague
XBL: roughplague
PSN: roughplague
[not giving skype or e-mail out to anyone]