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I'm into all sorts of gaming, not just Video. I love Paintball, enjoy playing Poker or a game of Kings alongside some Magic:The Gathering. Grew up around Dungeons and Dragons, so naturally Picked that up as well. Playing that of course led me into other Pen & Paper RPG's, some hit, some miss. I personally enjoyed Shadowrun and All Flesh must be Eaten. And of course D&D, a classic. (Gary Gygax R.I.P.)
Sadly, my love for gaming didn't end there. I had heard of 'Tabletop Strategy Games' down the line. I had seen and played the 'Warhammer' version, and was less than impressed. But my friend said we would need about a full day to teach me the 'other game'. That game, was 'Warhammer 40'000'. SImply put, that game floored me, and I spent many a week playing. The sand end to that story is that I no longer live in an area with a population of players, and have since given it up.
Video Game wise, I grew up with Mario on the N.E.S., and was a Nintendo fanboy all the way up to the Xbox. The Wii is the only Nintendo system I don't own (Virtual Boy...hey, it was at a yard sale and I could't resist), and don't plan to. I am not against Playstation or Sega, they were always around and often would play the big titles when they came out, but that was about the extent of it.
I LOVE Rpg's. Oblivion, The entire Fallout series (Even Tactics, had blast with LAN parties.)Chrono Trigger has got to be my fave of all time, but Chrono Cross was a travesty. I enjoyed Final Fantasy 1-3 (American #'s, for...you people), but 4 began my disdain for the series. I have never understood the love for 7 or 10, other than purdy graphics for its time. However, I did enjoy that CGI flick 'Advent Children'.
I enjoy FPS', but I really feel the market is just flooding with them.CoD:MW2 is hella fun, but I refuse to drop the money for the 'Stimulus package'. Deal of the Week, than we'll talk. Also a bit of a nostalgia freak, and love seeing older games crop up on XBLA. Perfect Dark, Doom, Duke Nukem, Final Fight, Game Room, Vigilante 8, all that. I'm hoping for a 16-bit downpour someitme, as the SNES was by far my favorite gaming period.