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Gundam vs. Gundam stuff, SRWZ Gundam SEED DESTINY images, and Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 stuff, THAT'S A LOT OF GUNDAMS! (and some Macross)

This is possibly the best image ever made in 2008.
Mobile Suit Gundam vs. Gundam

And last the JP official site for Gundam Musou 2 (Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2) is up, with info on the two main units and characters from the movie and novel, Char's Counterattack.
Not much more than that at this point, but there is six COMING SOON boxes, that has to mean something right?
We can probably assume two of those will be for Freedom and Justice Gundam from SEED/SEED DESTINY, but I'd like to see Victory Gundam, Gundam X, or Gundam 00 on there as well.
A movie has been uploaded, with boring already seen gameplay, as well (looks like enemies with too much HP have returned)

Macross Ace Frontier
And a little Macross PSP action (NOT ROBOTECH), the 2nd PV has arrived and this game looks like a keeper. Itano Circuses all around.

Big deal would be the BGM list, which once again, I get all excited over songs no one has heard of like [url=]INFORMATION HIGH[/url] from Macross Plus.
And here's the First PV to those that missed it.

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