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About Cubiloneone of us since 5:10 PM on 02.06.2008

Gamer, cyberculturist, general computer person, rid with wanderlust, a naturalist, idealist, looking to read more books, learn more about the world and play more good games!

Favorite console: N64, with SNES coming a close second.
Owner of: a good gaming PC (freshly home-made!), Wii, DS (which has a broken R button!!), Xbox 360 (premium, got it for just 120 euros! Rumours say it was an expo piece, but I still haven't found anything worth showcasing on it) and a PS2.
Looks for in games: innovation in music, graphics and gameplay mechanics (which often make a game as close to art as currently possible), character, how high they rank on the how-many-bodily-needs-can-I-neglect-so-I-can-keep-playing meter and how self-aware the game actually is. Few storylines impress me so I'm more of a gameplay-above-all person, but I haven't really played many story-driven games.
Favourite franchises and games: Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Tetris, Civilization, SimCity, Donkey Kong Country, Hexic, Banjo-Kazooie, Europa Universalis, Star Fox, Pokemon, Katamari Damacy, Portal, E4, Geometry Wars, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, (from the top of my head).

Other general information: Half greek and half australian, very soon to be 19 years old, studying Cultural Technology in Lesbos, Greece (grew up in Athens), I take life seriously the fun way... or is it, taking life lightly the serious way? Eh, you get the picture!

I maintain a more personal blog right here:

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