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Violent Penetration and Grape Jelly: MW2

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Violent Penetration and Grape Jelly: Modern Warfare 2

Everyone loves knifing! In Call of Duty 4, slashing some poor dude in the face online was one of the most satisfying things to do, and it is definitely no less satisfying in Modern Warfare 2. With advantages like the Commando Perk and the throwing knife, you can transform yourself from a rampaging bullet blaster to a ninja with a super katana (without the actual katana).

Everyone also hates being “Ram-boned” by these rampant Rambos (alliteration anyone?). At least I know I do, especially when I spent so much time unloading an entire clip into their skull, but that’s just how amazing the tactical knife is.

Knifing can be the most bad ass way to kill and humiliate someone. So it doesn’t surprise me that I see more and more people simply knifing than using their other weapons. I know I do.

I’ll just slap marathon pro, lightweight pro, commando pro on, equip a handgun for emergencies, and go for it. Being the maniac slashing the faces off of people is always entertaining no matter what scenario. And hearing them complain about it is a reward in itself.

For the ones who might not know what these perks do, here are the details:

Slot 1

* Marathon/Marathon Pro
o Ability: Unlimited sprint.
o Pro Ability: Get over obstacles faster

Slot 2

* Lightweight/Lightweight Pro
o Ability: Move faster.
o Pro Ability: Allows you to do a quick aim after sprinting.

Slot 3

* Commando/Commando Pro
o Ability: Increased melee distance.
o Pro Ability: You don't take any damage from falling.

What do you think about the tactical knife? And while you think about that… here’s a video I've embedded from YouTube. This is not me playing! All credit goes to NextGenTactics.

Here is also the direct link to the video:

Grape Jelly

Try to guess what I’m talking about. Go on… Yes I’m talking about blood splatter! Okay so maybe it doesn’t necessarily look like grape jelly, and maybe you’re cringing at the comparison, but it’s something I’m going to focus on.

I love the fact that the graphics are more realistic. Greater looking maps, guns, characters, and grape jelly. Mmm grape jelly…

There’s only one problem I have with it: It distracts me.

On the story mode, not so much, but when you’re online playing with multiple people trying to blast your head off, being able to see what you’re doing is a must. Truthfully, the more I play, the more I start to get used to it as is probably the case with everyone else.

Here is what I keep discovering on numerous other blogs. It may not necessarily apply to multiplayer, but it’s here nonetheless:

“One of the larger visual changes to the game's heads-up display this time around is the blood splatter system. In previous Call of Duty offerings you'd get damaged, the screen would start to shade red, and you'd be required to seek cover before your vision returned to normal. Modern Warfare 2 employs a new system, actually having a thicker blood layer added to up the realism. There's been some discussion on whether the splatter is too distracting, and in my experience with the game it's far from an issue. You'll be able to take more hits on easier difficulty settings, so while a few well-placed shots will drop players on hardened or veteran modes the added splatter is an acceptable trade-off for more overall health.”

But what do you think? Does grape jelly distract you? Let me know!
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