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wow, something to replace the iPad and your iPhone for gaming?

I know many of the users here are iphone users so I know this topic will touch many of you. I know that the iPad is being released this week and some of you are getting it while at the same time Apple is releasing a new iphone next summer like they always do but I have high doubts that that phone is going to beat this one and this one might put the early nail in the coffin to the iphone and the ipad. The one to start the revolution is the HTC Evolution.


This baby runs the snap dragon processor (1GHZ speed), Android 2.1, has front camera for video chat-Roulette with all your Dtoid buddies, 8mpx camera in the back with 720p for HD Porn recording or HD Asian pics, or you can use the HDMI out to play everything from HD Movies in your big screen TV or pretty much anything on the big screen in HD resolution:

Now why would this phone relate to games? Well because of this...

If it can stream netflix HD movies via wifi hotspot then it can stream online games such as Diablo3, StarCraft 2, Final Fantasy 14 or even something more meaningful and more important, Destructoid into your laptop... anywhere... You can even do live stream like Justin.tv. How's that for gaming journalism? (...in HD...)

So what do you guys think? Think this is going to replace your iphone? I have one and I am considering highly replacing it for this phone. Was thinking about getting the Nexus One but this phone really looks like the next-gen phone. Windows 7 phone looks cool and all that it can play XBL games, but I don't know how much I will be using my phone to play XBL games, now playing MMO, FPS games on my laptop... anywhere I go, its something hugely considerable.

oh and almost forgot.. this fucker plays EVERYTHING, Including flash! so F U iphone/iPad for not supporting flash! Look, I am always up for debates, so the reason for this blog wasn't to sponsor the EVO but by the stuff that I just saw I find it really hard to find negative things on this phone compared to the rest. If you have a good argument about this please let me know cuz I can't find any.
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