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Whether you like it or not, Kinect will succeed. bigtime.

You can whine all you want how much you hate Kinect or how MS E3 presentation sucked. But I see huge boost in sales coming when Kinect is released. Even if it costs $150 or $200.

Well about the presentation, was rather... um... interesting o_o; much of the time watching Microsofts conference made my eyes bleed a little. The only pure enjoyments were when they showed Gears of War, Halo was a big "MEH" to me... nothing different except the starwars space fight (Reminded me allot of the N64 game actually), was hoping Crytek would show some ingame game play but nothing, and the ONE thing that made my eyes open like "Hoooolllyyyy shhhheeeezebaaallss" was MG Rising. Fucking Kojima 3D genius! How the hell were you able to do the any way slicing and dicing... that was fucking genius and no one else has done this. Goddamit Kojima you better bring something like this to the BS3!

Well anyways, after watching the conference gotta admit, Kinect has enough potential to steal a huge piece of the pie from Nintendo and sport casual um... gamers? The video control, I am pretty sure, it will be annoying as hell because each time you yawn you will see that stupid little hand. Each time you going to try to make your move on your girl in the middle of the movie, Kinect will detect your hand and show probably something like this...

Then the Kinect Parental advisory will interrupt the movie and say...

But you can't hide the fact that soccer moms all over the world will eat the MS marketing machine of the "Cool" using your body parts / voice to control your entertainment system. They are targeting people with their "no learning curve" sales pitch, and as someone who can sense BS but sellable BS will sell. This will be grade A BS that millions will buy no matter what the price.

Well played Microsoft, well played.
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