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so... Microsoft hates Gay?

tsk tsk tsk, while I am not gay, I do have gay friends, and just like everything in this world, everyone is different, and therefore we should all respect each other whether you like Punani or Italian sausages. Everyone is different, especially us overall, gamers.

Aren't we discriminated enough since we were kids being told by others you are a looser for being a nerd/gamer, somewhere in there is a thin line of difference, but it doesn't matter, If we like Viva Pinata or Patapon or playing with our Wii fit, its what we like, please respect it.

Yes I will agree sometimes I get a bit hypocritical on some of my statements, but hey at the same time we are human, we make mistakes, so thats why we have friends and a community that reminds me, hey, I like that game, don't diss it too much cuz your dissing me. And I will say my apologies and move on, but it seems Microsoft is not taking that way. Apparently anyone with a Gay or Homo related name will get their name changed or banned. That is put in one simple word:


You can bet your sweet ass If my name has Cummings (like somone from work, and a girl) or Dick or Gaylord Fukor, and I want that to be my name, I sure expect them to RESPECT my name I chose as a gamer. Seriously, I play on the PSN and I see all types of names, even extremist racial names, but hey guess what, this is 21st century and theres fucked up people out there, learn to ignore.

Or the other thing I heard was if a group of people complained because of your name, then Microsoft will Ban your name due to a couple of complainers? That sounds to me like the Crucible:

seriously MS, unless someone is really going child molesting others on your XBL, don't ban peoples names because it has some sort of similar gay name, that is just unfair to those who pay you 50$ a year to play online.
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