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Resistance 2 Friday Night Glory

So while everyone is blindly playing MGS4 for the next couple of weeks. Who of you were able to see the premier exclusive of R2 ?

I honestly went out partying and dancing on tables with girls... should have stayed home waiting for this exclusive preview... much more rewarding than the surrender of my wallet at clubs x_X;

Saw Gametrailers (try) to interview one of the main guys at Insomniac games, but got nothing more than kitty litter poop for answer. Is Sony really trying to go for the kill with Resistance2? I mean Resistance 1 was sw33t stuff, especially for a launch title it was good FPS. Nothing to compare against CoD4, Halo or UT3 of course, but nevertheless it was one of the best FPS when it came out.

Also, Resistance2 looks like the most action packed fps in HD glory to be presented on the PS3, even more than UnrealTourny 3. In a recent mention by Bungie, they even said just making the massive online play of 60 players out there to kill each other will be a hard hard HARD challenge.

"No, Halo 3 developers Bungie aren't about to start work on Resistance 2, but they have been watching the development of the rival FPS very closely. Speaking on the Bungie podcast, an employee from the company has expressed interest in the proposed 60-player online multiplayer, but said developing such a system will be 'challenging'.

In fact, it's hard not to feel that Luke Timmins, multiplayer engineer on Halo 3, isn't just being a bit disparaging to the PS3's potential Halo-beater. As reported by VideoGamer, he said he can't really see what Resistance developer Insomniac can do to stop the multiplayer, or PvPx60, being "just running around in a chat room".

Could it be that the brilliant developer of the 360's lead release are starting to worry about the potential of the PS3 to offer a better game? Sure, there's a little way to go before the PS3 online services catch-up with Xbox Live, and the Halo series is underpinned by masterful game design, but with a great title with 60-player online abilities, there could suddenly be reason for PSN to get a whole lot better."

If Insomniac games is able to deliver this bloodlust of 60 players online carnage, they could pretty much achieve the first sign of the PSN Network being superior to XBL. For free :P

Now one thing I can't find anywhere is the actual footage of the game that was presented last night :( do any of you guys have a link to see it? If this is what Sony meant about Qore having stuff that we can't get no where else, well I will admit it will be impressive if I can't find that exclusive video footage for the next 3 days. So prove me wrong guys!

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