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once again... PSP2 rawrmors come out into the wild.

Just read a quick article at kotaku that some insider info is hinting at PSP2 announcement on this E3. You think Sony is finally going to announce it?

Well the real question shouldn't be if they will announce it or not, but rather, what can the PSP2 actually offer to compete against the behemonth of the Nintendo DS, the iPhone/iPad, and soon the Android games and Microsoft's Win 7 Phone with XBL gaming will arrive in 6 months.

What can possibly Sony do in this hard hard HARD situation they let themself get in...

shit I even forgot to mention... my best friend got me a DINGOO DIGITAL for Bday present, which is pretty fucking awesome! and I am surprised it hasn't caught attention on the interwebs for those who are Retro gamers like Yojimbo. Over 500 classic games, arcade games, games never before seen in the West are in this little NES/PSP hybrid.

A320 Dingoo Review - A 320 Dingoo Digital System - Watch more Funny Videos

So anyways, back to the PSP2 thing... what can Sony possibly do in the PSP2 to compete to whats out there. Well lets look at the list:

Nintendo DS/XL/3DS. iPhone/iPad. Android

- Internet / Wireless Wifi Access / Web Browser
- 3-D joystick
- force feedback mechanism that will let players feel the collisions of a game character.
- accelerometer
- 3D LCD screen technology
- HD Video / HDMI output? (Connect to TV without a PS3)
- HD Camera + HD Video record + editing software
- Microphone + voice recorder + editing software
- MP3 player
- eBook reader
- Touch Screen + Stylus
- Cross Pad & Button controls
- Better Multiplayer support (Push it to play FFXIV / StarCraft2 / Diablo3 please)
- Surround sound
- Long battery life (or with HD mode + Conserve mode)
- BC compatible
- Big Screen
- PS2/PS3 graphics
- VoiP Calling capabilities?
- Radio
- Easy dev kit to develop games + Affordable kit purchase. If expensive no one will buy.

Unfortunately for Sony, the PSP2 doesn't just compete against gaming hand held, it now needs to compete against phones with gaming potential as well, and even a good OS at that. I think Sony should just offer the hardware and let Google Android run as the PSP2's main OS. Google knows what their doing and Sony teaming up with Google can become a powerhouse combo to take on the competition.

The reason I made this blog is because I see no way of Sony catching up in the hand held market knowing them that if they don't take good advice into consideration, they will undoubtedly follow the way of Sega on the hand held market.

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