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ok in perspective. Number 1, 2, 3 in E3

yep it is that time kids! who did you root for the most? which one surprised you the most? and which one really but really disappointed you the most?

Lets start with Microsoft, while Natal/Kinect is pretty cool new tech that will help the future, we can all agree that the games coming for it are mostly Wii-like shovelware titles. Now Gears of War 3 looked good, Halo reach for the fanbase, and Fable 3 for the Fableminded. Giving the Free xbox's was super cool, but I don't think it was enough since I didn't get one for free :P. The rest were Kinect games which are ok, not too great, but Kinect itself is cool for showing off your friends or doing online sexchat.

Nintendo gave us another (nother nother! nother...) new zelda/metroid/mario (GAD!) and I wont even bother with the other titles. Nintendo main surprise was teh N3DS that really blew us out of the water with everything it offers. analog stick/cross pad, 3D Picture camera taking, 3D gaming from eye/face perspective, HD video viewing and if I heard right, a power chip more powerful than the Wii itself? mind you for a handheld that IS super uber. Now kid icarus looked great, its a friggin great come back from the old school 8 bit era, but still not the kinda game I was looking now. Now, they made it up with the FRIGGIN LIST of developer partners who are making games for it. In all seriousness, N3DS might just dominate the market in handheld. Nice try iPhone and iPAd (Go back to fixing your security leak). PSP, well Sony just killed the PSP today, which brings me to...

Sony, wow you started dragging and dragging the show at the very beginning. I got super worried, in fact, I almost turned off the GT Live stream, it was frigging buggy only on the Sony Presentation, but then my friend gave me the Gamestop link and finally that got fixed. I was worried cuz all Sony was doing for the first half was all frigging talk. But then, they started showing the games, not just the games, but the HARDCORE games. EFFIN YEAH! Infamous2, DeadSpace 2, Medal of Honor (SWEET!), Grand Turismo 5 (FINALLY!), POOOOOOoooooorrrrtaaaaaaal 2 w Steam!!!! (Srsly who expected THIS!?), KZ3, Patapon 3, FF14, Twisted Metal.

So for the 1 2 3 of the show I must Say:

Nintendo hands down, HANDS down won the Handheld presentation.

Sony won the Hardcore games for the main console

Microsoft won the Casual games for the main console.

Can't really put a 1 2 3. All 3 of them sucked at one point and ruled at another. It is a most definite choice of preference which one you think was best. To me they were all good and bad in their parts. However I think MS cheated a bit by giving away free new xbox and Nintendo cheated by attaching N3DS to hot girls with nice boob sizes to make the tripple drooling effect last a lifetime. Sony brought a scary fat clown head with a giant blade.... that was just nasty.
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