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how long till the new xbox gets RROD?

Well right after I got all my hopes up yesterday about getting the new Xbox, this had to happen...

Not even 1 day since its announcement... we get the first damaged disc. shit. Well, since something so simple as to controlling a disc while in system motion has been done since, well i dont know, 1995's Playstation 1 and 1992 CD Walkman, I am baffled as to still in 2010, 5 years since the Xbox has been out, re-modified and now completely remade from scratch to fix all the huge known issues (apparently not) is still frigging scratching discs like no ones business. Look I can move my PS3 and Wii with the disc spinning inside and it doesn't scratch ANY of the discs inside, Games and DVDs and Bluerays. So why is the Xbox the only machine that scratches discs?

Sure you might say, "Well HE DID MOVE IT when he was warned!" yea, keep deluding your self. Let me remind you that there is a new toy coming out... its called "KINECT" and if you have seen any of the latest news... KINECT wants you to "JUMP IN" and let me tell you, JUMPING IN a room with your new Xbox playing a disc and creating vibration on the system will lead to the most antagonizing disc scratching event done in history and all you will be told is "It is YOUR FAULT, We told you not to move the console while in play, warranty VOIDED!" Bam, how would you response to that?

So since there is no argument that the system has done no wrong here, prepare for the massive scratches that will happen once again to all your discs while you play with Kinect. Since this issue didn't get fixed, I am guessing in only due time the new improved RROD will come back from the grave to haunt you.

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