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Fool me once, shame on...

There's an old saying in Tennessee that says... Fool me once, shame on you... FOOL you can't fool me again!

I never expected GWB to actually make sense on one of his dumb mentions but he is right. If the front story of FF13 versus is true and it is coming to the 360 then we all know whats going to happen. Now I am happy that 360 owners get their share of FF love, I don't want no one to buy a system for a specific game, it's not fair to do so. But I cannot ignore the way how FF13 was crippled down to being linear, no JP audio option, and limited to content because SquareEnix makes promises that the game will be equally the same on both the PS3 and 360. This I do not approve. If they do make it equal then it is known that you can't free roam the world because you would have to be switching discs... or they could get creative and make ANOTHER 100 hours tutorial system for the first disc, second bit more about the story, third disc have actual world map you can fucking move around freely. They did it on the PS1 with FF7, they can do it now.

I find it very annoying but w/e, SE needs to make money like all businesses do. I don't have a problem with this, but I do find it annoying that SE strips out JP audio which I totally enjoy because they think the rest of the world enjoys English dialog. Not everyone does. Please at least this is my plead that the one thing I would love to at least stay on the PS3 if it can't be on the 360, is the JP dialog with English subtitles. PLEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

You did it on Star Ocean International and many other games, If you already have done it for your titles, keep the option to select it! Sacrifice the content, sacrifice the graphics, but please let me hear the screams of JP anime-like girls in their true voice... there is no more pleasure than this...

to prove my point, there is no way you can replace this with ANY other language.

well actually... there is one way you can do good english voice acting...

FINAL FANTASY X i i i ... Giant robot sex machine baby...
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