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fcuk Apple.


That's it im tired of the tyranny. Yes I do own a iPhone 3GS because it was the best thing out last year when I got it. But you can ask my co-workers, I was always hesitant of getting it because of many reasons and I hate products that are ruled with a iron fist.

Now one year later I am so happy to see the phone market finally catching up to the 3 year world domination of the phone market by the iPhone. Don't misunderstand, I am glad that the iPhone came out, I am happy that it was thanks to apple that the phone market got out of their lazy friggin ASS and started saying SHIT SHIT SHIT! We need to REALLY bust our ass and do something better than the iPhone in order to compete! I thank you apple for accomplishing this.

Now the tides are turning, another company, HTC is offering phone products that compete with the iPhone. The Nexus One, HTC Evo, HD2 are top high end competitors offering services that the iPhone doesn't deliver. Which is good, I like good healthy competition between companies, its what helps the industry get better and better. But Apple just to a dive to the wrong turn with the banning of flash products completely (ie: we will never release flash on the iPhone/iPad ever!) and now with their new change of disclaimer rules which pretty much will sink out about 80% of the apps that are currently on the App store because it violates the new rules & cond.


They must be originally written using one of four programming languages blessed by Apple (Objective C, C, C++ and JavaScript).

"This sounds like a geeky footnote, but was actually a dramatic power grab. It means developers can no longer write apps in languages like C# and Flash and then use tools that automatically convert their code into iPhone-compatible software. This has become common practice, especially among games developers, including Electronic Arts, which links in an unsupported language called Lua. Keep in mind this is a distinct and much more controversial step than Apple's famous ban on Flash in Web pages, since the Flash used to write iPhone and iPad apps is entirely converted to native code, which is then directly reviewed by Apple before anyone can install it."

Thats really fucked up Apple.

Yes its your products and you decide what you want. But man was this a dick move. Why should I care? Well couple of reasons, I am getting into game development and me and my team decided to use Unity3D because its the most broad engine there is. Now with this Disclaimer, there is a high chance that the game engine will be completely blocked from iPhone/iPad games:


So now not only we cant use Flash on the iphone but now anything we do or use needs to be compliant to the T with the new disclaimer rule. This is really fucked up and it shows a Tyrant in power telling me everything I had created for their product is now obsolete. Also for companies that are going to put ads on the iphone/ipad market... well read the story above, iAds will be taking over and none of the ads you use will be accepted unless accepted through the iAd disclaimer.

Sadly, We live in a world where every business plan is only viable because of the economies of scale behind it. That means that the platform with the most sales will have the most support, and the others will be dropped if they can't provide the same margins. That, in turn, will increase sales of the more popular platform.

That is how Windows became the most ubiquitous OS and how iTunes became the most popular music player/music store. The more people use it, the more standard it becomes and the more content is made for it. As a result, it becomes a better choice.

The only way to truly fight it would be for the powerful players to unite against the growing contagion. That means that Windows would have to stop allowing iTunes to run the same way iPhone OS 4 doesn't execute ported code. Google and Microsoft and Adobe websites would have to stop loading on Safari browsers. Adobe software would have to stop working on Macs. Amazon would have to stop allowing users from Mac devices to browse or make purchases.

But they won't because all of them benefit from doing business with Apple. That's the difference between Apple and other companies. Apple is willing to do things that will be unprofitable in the short term in order to secure control in the long term. Other companies are not. They are happy working with Apple as much as Apple lets them. Then Apple can cut them off one by one and instead of standing together, they let themselves fall one by one.

Adobe will be the first. I wouldn't be surprised if in two year's time there is talk of Apple buying Adobe once Photoshop is Adobe's only successful product. After that, do you expect that Apple's Photoshop will work on Windows computers? For a hint, take a look at Final Cut Pro

I am taking this moment to remind everyone that yes apple products are good, but when shit like this happens it shows how fucked up it is to even consider supporting their products blindly. I am switching now to the Android market which to today seems to be heading the correct way, supporting most languages out there, even FLASH sites with FLASH apps, they review products but dont need to be approved by them in order to be online, its the closest to free market we will ever get.

so before my closing statement, "FUCK YOU APPLE" for pulling this shit and ruining the gaming experience we had on the iPhone. Im going to the Android side of things because not only they do shit the right way, Android and Dtoid are 2 cool badass robots that go well together!

btw, to Dtoid elites, consider switching your iphone to this phone so you can do live blogging on the go and providing internet access up to 8 laptops anywhere you go. Best thing for blogging:
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