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and the numbers are out!

Cant wait to see games running on this baby.

So the new Sprint phone is ready to being on Sale starting June 4th for $200 and 2 year contract for $69.99 + $10 4G service = $79.99. The hot spot wireless tendering cost $30 which will allow you to connect your:

- Main PC
- Laptop
- PS3
- Xbox 360
- Wii
- iPad

Thats allot of gaming consoles hooked up for internet... If you are curious about its speed check this vid out:

I think its a fine replacement for Cable / DSL internet, since you can take it anywhere with you. I have dreamed of having internet while getting a tan in south beach. After June 4th, this dream will become reality.

It is speculated to being the iPhone killer. I however know more than anything, nothing will ever kill the iProducts from apple, even if they suck as much as the apple TV.

85" Plasma HDTV movie playback? No problem:

But any smart shopper that can use reason will notice the differences. The Evo won't kill the iPhone, but it sure as hell is about to publicly SPANK the iPhone. Steve Jobs must be nervous right about now with these bullet points:

� Evo has removable SD storage

� iPhone will (obviously) never have Adobe Flash

� iPhone will not have HDMI out

�The iPhone MAY get HD video recording but that remains to be seen, and MAY have an 8MP camera - that would be a near 300% upgrade from the 3Gs, so we'll see

� The iPhone will never, ever on AT&T's network get 4G speeds

� The iPhone will not have the ability to use the phone as a wifi hub. Hell, AT&T still hasn't rolled out their promised "tethering" feature.

� No draconian Apple "ecosystem"

� An unlimited everything iPhone/AT&T plan costs $10 more than the Sprint plan WITH the $10 data add-on and WITH the wifi hub cost of $30.

As a web developer, there is nothing more annoying than making multiple sites out from one page because of rendering issues or not having enough power to render it out. (Hear me out on this one Destructoid!) This phone for the first time will render full web pages, not mobile ones, because it can handle all the content on the page. Flash, images, videos, youtube, you name it, it has it.

Also, for blogging (cough Dtoid hear this one too!) you can do live stream from this!

The one thing I am truly going to miss... are the games I already bought on the iPhone :( as of now no way to transfer them to Android... This makes me a big sad panda :( Well even with this I am still switching, selling my 3GS, not getting the iPhone 4HD W/E crap with AT&T crappy service. Reason I post is because I would like to hear any concerns anyone might have with this phone/service and lay them out. I want always to hear the other side of the argument.
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