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Gears of War 2 Multiplayer info


Apparently leaked from the upcoming X360 UK Magazine, this apparently has now been confirmed. You can view the whole article over at 360.kombo.com, but some of the highlights are:

Party Matchmaking - YAY

MP upped to 5 on 5 - I like this, one more player without overcrowding

New wingman mode where five teams of two take each other on - Just sounds frantic as hell

Some tweaks to assassination now named Guardian where the other team cannot respawn once the team leader is killed - I vote yay on this

CAPTURE THE MEATFLAG - This just sounds fun. One player is basically overpowered and is the flag. Both teams try to take him down then carry his dead body back to their spawn. However if the flag is shot too much (?) then he regens and can start killing again.

Awesome Awesome Awesome. Your thoughts?
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