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New dothack trailer is delicious

I happen to close out some old tabs, cursing Joystiq for not coming up with a April Fools joke of their own when I happen across a headline with ".hack//LINK" of course I immediately loaded it up to see what it was all about. ".hack//LINK debut trailer filled with style, not substance" is the title of the post made at around 1 am this morning but when you watch the trailer you begin to realize something... He does know that it's just a teaser trailer right? "The trailer doesn't show us much" he says. What teaser ever does? That is the whole point of the video, to tease, to entice. It is made to show you a bunch of flashy footage so that you do what I did when I merely spotted the title "OMG OMG FAP FAP FAP MUST HAVE THIS NOW!". I am going to to give Mr. Yoon the benefit of the doubt since it has been posted so late, he is probably not thinking all that much about what he is writing much like I am now, but come on dude try and at least be at a comprehensible level if you are going to make a post.

The trailer itself is very colorful and flashy, passing by stills of a lot of familiar faces and a few new ones before leading into game play that appears to be of a faster, action type pace then the slower hack 'n' slash rpg of norm. Now, I don't have any trouble with this being on the PSP or that it is reported to be exclusive, I just really freaking need a PSP now! Anyway, my problem is if this is supposed to end the ENTIRE .hack franchise, the EPIC FINALE to a series that has ran through 7 games, 4 anime series, 3 novels, and multiple manga series... Why put it on a handheld? If it's a run along to another game then that would be totally understandable, like Final Fantasy Versus XIII or something, but shouldn't something like that be up on the "big screen"? Ending with a bang and sending off a series as big as this feels like it would be really restricted in a medium such as this, it would be like ending Final Fantasy for good with a DS game. Would not make any sense.

Source via Joystiq
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