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A Return To Greatness For The Ratchet & Clank Series

The announcement of Ratchet and Clank into the Nexus as a late exclusive for the PS3 is all sorts of great news for gamers. Great because it's nice to see Ratchet getting back to his classic game style after two titles exploring other realms of the gaming sphere. The idea of a nightmare gun paralyzing enemies or creating black holes to suspend them in the air is exactly what I'm looking for in a Ratchet game; absurd weapons that can still be a competent choice for Ratchet's arsenal. I'm so glad that the atmosphere that made me love the R&C series is continuing. The levels look beautiful and diverse, which is something I come to expect from Ratchet games. Graphically the game continues in classic cartoon styles which display the full measure of the PS3. Insomniac will continue to offer challenging puzzles that need creative solutions. I'm especially excited to see how gravity and the new Grav tether will be utilized in solving puzzles.
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I'm also thankful that Nexus will be retailing at $30. By having a strategic cost at launch Nexus in a way shows that CEO of Sony America, Jack Tretton wasn't only talking about PS4 games when he explained the range of price points for future Playstation games(.99 cents to the standard $60). "Sly cooper: Thieves in Time" released below the $60 mark earlier this year and Puppeteer is coming out this fall for $40. Sony is showing business savvy by selling quality games at strategic prices.  While it may wear off for me as more strategically priced games release, my initial excitement about AAA games at PSN prices is in full swing.

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In addition to solid game play, a strategic price, and gamer nostalgia; the reveal of the game is a breath of fresh air. It came a bit out of nowhere. Surprisingly one of Playstation's longest standing exclusive franchises did not debut or even get teased at E3, especially because we will see R&C Nexus before 2014. Ratchet and Clank was definitely a card that Sony had kept up it's sleeve and I'm wondering how much is still being played close to their chest. Many have pointed out that plenty of Sony's many studios have current projects that are unknown. Ratchet and Clank Nexus, however, isn't from a first party studio, but instead from third party Insomniac. How many other third party studios have exclusives in the work for sony systems?  Does Epic or Level-5 have surprises for us at GDC 2013 in August?  Ratchet and Clank Nexus may be a fluke, but my hope and my guess is that Sony will have lots more to reveal before "Holiday" 2013.
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