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My Expertise: Being meh... Or being a lazy hunter!

This is the first time I have got round to writing as part of the monthly musing, but this monthís topic got me thinking, there is nothing in video games that I truly excel at. Sure I may be good at FPS', but Iím not the best, there are plenty of people who can beat me in their sleep, and the occasional noob can get the upper hand. Even simple games like Peggle which as much as I enjoy playing I will never get truly high scores.

However there is only one genre at which I am truly terrible at, that being RTS', I once read that people with blue eyes are better at these games over action games, well I call BS, because for me that really is not the case. With RTS games there is just so much going on, and to be honest, I just can't be asked. And it is partly because of this why I do not play MMO's. I tried to play WoW a few years ago and was thoroughly bored.

So one could argue that I am good at games that interest me, but surely that would be the case for everyone. Whilst trying to think of an exception to my "mehness" of gaming skill I decided to look at my gamerscore to see if that gave any insight into which type of games I excel at. Well the only games that I have got all the achievements for so far are: Battlefield 1943, Assassin's Creed 2, Oblivion and Dash of Destruction.

What is interesting about 3 of those games is that whilst the achievements aren't too difficult to get, they do involve a lot of time in order to get these achievements.

With Oblivion one simply needs to complete the missions, a process that takes around 70+ hours! BF1943 gives out most of the achievements in the first few hours of play. However to get the final achievement, which is to play one hundred matches, took me 25 hours! And Assassin's Creed 2, that simply hands you almost 200 points in the first few hours, and the rest are received easily throughout the game like they are in Oblivion. However the final few achievements require a lot of time! Those of you that have played it know what I'm talking about, and that is finding all 100 bloody feathers!! God that was frustrating! Also to get the "Show your colo[u]rs" achievement, you have to have found all the feathers to be able to get it!

So really my skill in video games is the ability to persevere to gain time consuming but perfectly attainable achievements! Yet not too lazy to be an achievement whore!

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