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The Brunt, the Blunt and the Hunt: February is annoying to spell.


What's up, every body! 


Guys, I've come to a realization...

I'm a complete sadsack. That has to be the reason that nobody loves me. See? That last sentence. That's exactly what I'm talking about. 


See, I'm unemployed(sad), I have no friends(also, sad). And, February has to be one of the hardest months that there is for me.(vaugely sad). 


Let's explain. 


February is when Valentines day happens. And, although I'm in my mid-twenty's(sad, again), I've never actually had a Valentine. Which sucks because...it just does.


Also, every time I get physical with a lady, I'm reminded of three things, lost loves, the penis softening prospect of knocking them up, and my mother. Which, besides being fucking disturbing is also super gay, because I still live with my mother. 


Did I mention I'm in my mid-twenty's? 


And, before somebody mentions the Oedipus complex(which is NOT happening). Let's distract you with the daddy issues. 


See, I used to look up to my dad as a kid. I was so proud of having a cop for a father. That, is until he started cheating on my mother and beating her and stuff...

So by the time the divorce came, it was a pretty happy time for me. Until the custody battle, where I felt like a football being thrown between my mom,(the blatant favorite) my forced child therapist that would insist that is wasn't my fault(even though, I never once thought that it was) and my dad, who would say things to 12 year old me such as,

"Who's your mother fucking?"(hooray, childhood.)


What was, I talking about? 

Oh yeah. February blows. 


And, by the time Valentines day rolls around, and I once again watch my mother be as sad and lonely as I am...All I can think is "Man, my mom needs to get laid more than I do."(that's probably the most upsetting bit of February, now that I think about it.) 


Then, I remember it's black history month. And, that in turn reminds me of three things that I hate... History, Racism and the fact that even though, I am black, I'm too mixed and light skinned to be accepted by, well anybody, really. 


I don't know if I'm more upset that I don't fit in, or that I even care at all...


I mean I don't think anybody should care. Black history month and BET(for that matter) are both counter-productive. It just reminds everybody why we "hate" each-other. 

Plus we know all the stories, by now. This lady sat on a bus. This person marched there. PENUTBUTTER! Fuck it man.

As far as I'm concerned we are all like a bag of Skittles: We all taste the same on the inside.


What was I talking about? Oh, yeah. I'm a sad sack of shit.(fuck that)


I love video games. I always have, I always will. 


And, all I want to do is write you guys great blogs about video games. In spite of all my, admittedly not that bad (to most people) problems, I still want to bring a smile to the world. 



And yet, I sold all of my video games...

On one hand, it was a terrible decision that, I regret daily.(and, I hate regrets) 

While on the other hand, I feel like it was a masterful decision...


Now, along with the dropping of every last one of my vices(all due to financial fallacies), I'm being forced to deal with everything;


Confront my past and let it the fuck go, all at the same time. 


Eyes to the future. 




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I have been reading this site for almost a decade and I've been leaving comments and posting things sporadically during my tenure. I just want to thank everybody for being so interesting, insightful, open minded, respectful and informative. I do my best to be the same. I truly respect what this site is, and all the people, and all of the hard work behind it. I am honored to be a part of it and I really do feel at home here.

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