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Coachella! Fond Memories and "Revelations".(NVGR)


Hello Destructoid!!!

I spent the vast majority of my weekend watching a "live" stream of Coachella. It's a music festival that takes place somewhere in California, and a
rather good one in fact. It turned out to be so good that I actually sat in front of my computer for nine hours a day Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


But, while it was probably just as lame as it sounds, I was legitamately happy for three days straight.


I'm currently unemployed, so concurrently I also have no friends to speak of. So, for me Coachella was a way for me to get out of my head for a bit. I
just happened to be on YouTube and there it was; A free ticket to one of the most popular music concerts out right now. So, here I am twenty-seven
hours later feeling inspired with fresh tunes replaying in my head. I'm actually beaming! Beaming is the word I would use to desribe this feeling.
Seeing all those happy faces in the crowd and watching all the performers on stage, happy to be performing; It was bittersweet if I'm being honest.


It was a reminder of how distant I've been lately. And, even though I listen to music on a regular basis; It's alway in a lonely kind of way. I have
nobody to share that joy with. I just wanted ,so badly, to high-five any of those happy concert-goers. I wanted to be out there in the dry desert air
taking in the sights and sounds. I mean shit, I would have even rode the farris wheel, and those things terrify me. I just wanted to be a part of it. I
wanted to be a part of the magic. I wanted to buy an thirty dollar shirt and talk to some girls. Aww man, the girls!


I used to sell popcorn at these kinds of events. I worked all sorts of events: The Circus, Monster Trucks, Nascar, The Greatful Dead where the people
danced like wacky, inflatable tubemen. And, they tried to buy stuff with drugs! I don't know, after being on the road doing it for two years, I guess I
was just numb to it. Or, mabey I was just jaded because I always had to work the events. Either way, they are good memories now. I still remember
partying with my co-workers back at the hotel in whatever town we were in. I really fucking miss it. You know how the saying goes.


But yeah, Coachella was sensory overload. The music and the environment brought me back to happy memories. I've been told by someone on this
site that I should let go of the past and stop looking toward the future; to just be content with the present. I simply can't do that. My past makes me
who I am today. I may not be in the best of times right now, but I am greatful for everything that I have. And, the future will justify all of my poor life
decisions one day.


I am amazed that a live stream of a concert could really have this much of an affect on me. I feel motivated. It's as if I had convinced myself over time
that my life had always sucked, and this concert has shaken that out of me. There are so many more memories and feels that Coachella conjured up for

-Driving two couples to a Fall Out Boy concert and being the fifth wheel.
-Playing Mark Ekco's: Gettin Up and discovering Talib Kwali and Bloc Party.
-Making a best friend simply by tolerating his German death metal, while giving him a ride during a work roadtrip.
-Forever regretting it.
-Getting to and from work while listening to Drake and Taking Back Sunday.
-Cappin' fools online in Halo 3 while listening to Paramore and a band called Doe's it Offend You Yeah!

Man, I've had plenty of good times.


I'm starting to get that life hunger back and I really needed that. I'm so sick and tired of letting my past failures, lost loves and fallicies control me.
I'm on some Halo 3, "Overkill" shit right now! I just feel really good and I want to share that. You guys are some of the coolest people on the internet
and every last one of you guys deserves to be happy. So whether you're on the internet, playing a game online or mabey you're outside; Everything
you do is a chance to be happy. And, if you feel good, you have a better chance of making others feel good. That's...science, man.


I'll leave you with Porter Robinson's set from Friday. This was by far my favorite of the festival.

Take Care.

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