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OMG, my leg is soooo black!

So, I was thinking about getting a new tattoo. I got this for the 16th birthday believe it or not, and now it has become a game of "Spot the Link!". Heck, even though everyone knows who it is when they look at my leg and I get mad complim...


PMS game tourney

So, I hosted a girl gamer tournament at the Phoenix Comicon this year... I am absolutely terrified to ever do that again. I got offered a job to host other female tournaments in the area by a group that does it weekly. But it was an absolut...


Why are Asian's just awesome?

So, I just achieve at switching between Expert and Hard mode on the drums on Rock Band. For me, I think it's an awesome fucking achievement, I've been playing for a while now, and I thought that I would never make it! So, my roomie , this h...


About CrakieRacooonone of us since 11:34 AM on 02.12.2007

Greetings ladies and mostly gentlemen.
Crakie Racooon here saying thank you for visiting my profile page!
There isn't anything to extravagant about me...Ok maybe I'm just fucking amazing
and awesome, but besides that, here is a little info about me : )

I am currently a senior attending the University of Advancing Technology majoring
in Game Design and alongside with thousands of other hopefuls of this degree, I am
currently looking for a job.(Not fun considering anyone can call themselves a game developer
now of days)

I do plan to visit dtoid a lot now of days as a place for me to bitch about my gaming pet peeves
and to communicate with other dtoiders about bull shit. I've been here since 2006,but I haven't
really posted or blogged here all that much,and if I did, it was something retarted.

But it's great to come back again and I hope to meet some pretty cool people here.

P.S: Regardless of my name,I am sometimes confused to be male,but I am a chick to throw
that out there.But it really shouldn't change your opinions about me or anything I post.

What I'm playing
360: Ghostbusters
PS3: Uncharted (one of my favs)
PC: The Sims 2

The greatest games ever created by man

The Legend of Zelda(All of them!)
Resident Evil(All of them but Dead Aim, I actually like Survivor)
Oddworld Series
Grand Theft Auto Series
Silent Hill(except 4)

My consoles( I'm hella broke,so half of this shit is my roomies)

360( my roomies)
PS3( my roomies,I know,I don't even own a fucking 360)


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