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My Expertise: Getting In Character

I havenít written a blog in months. In general, Iím not a blog sort of guy. I think a lot of it stems from the fact that I think Iím relatively plain and that no one reads the dour life story of Random Joe on the internet. Because of this ...


Brain Chatter: Persona 3

The follow is a collection of some of the forum posts I made when I was playing Persona 3. I tend to just write...things about a game. I figure I should start with P3 since it is one of those games that just changed how I percieve games. So...


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Living in the icy cold tundra of Canada...ok, that's a lie, but I am from Canada! My parents were pretty young when I was born, and as such I was exposed to gaming at a young age. When I was 3 I got an NES, was horrible at it, and played fairly casually. Going to elementary school, with friends who had newer systems, which got me back into it but I wanted to move on, to the 3D consoles. Enter the N64, and from there, I became an absolute nerd (and Nintendo Fanboy!). Read game sites religiously, followed specs, argued till blue about how the PS1 sucked. Years later (like...2002 later!) I got a PS1 from a cousin, and bought Gran Turismo 2, which changed my perspective on games forever. GT2 is a well made game, and reeked of Nintendo-like care and attention to detail. I realized...that it's about the games, not the console. So now I play everything!