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Nintendo Not Competing

So no real suprise to anyone but the Wii sales climbed back above the 360 sales for October after the spike that Halo 3 gave the system in September (my god its been more than month since Halo 3 came out, time flies). You can see the numbers is an interview with George Harrions over a Next Gen. In the interview Harrison also spouts out about how awesome Nintendo is because...well let's face it at the moment they can. The most arrogant statement?

It�s almost an embarrassment of opportunity in terms of where to place those Wii hardware units.

That's right, you can toss a Wii into any location on earth and it will be gone faster than the Road Runner through a tunnel recently painted on large cliff wall.

The only truly interesting quote out of the whole thing (unless your interested in how Nintendo ships consoles from China) comes at the end when Harrison is asked if the recent surge in PS3 sales worries Nintendo.

Not really. We don�t focus a lot on the competition. It appears to us that Sony and Microsoft are fighting over the same customer and swapping market share. Our performance seems to be independent of those two.

It's the same company line Nintendo was spewing before launch of the Wii but now there sales and a year of history. My question is is Nintendo's performance really seperate from the two? Are poeple actually thinking about the Wii as a seperate commodity all together and thus the PS3 and 360 don't even cut into Nintendo's sales.

The simple answer is hell no. Many, many people are still single system houses and of course they're only choosing one to take home and means the Wii is in direct competition. It does seem though that despite spikes in 360 and PS3 sales here and there the Wii and DS just consistantly sell at a certain point, so maybe the other systems aren't affecting Wii's sales. I would have never predicted that the Wii would have seperated itself enough from the other guys to not be affected by their sales...in fact I still don't. I do find it strange that he makes point that they have a strong marketing blitz coming on. Oh really? Why is that if you aren't competing?
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