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Exclusive Call of Duty: Ghost plot spoiler

Hi, Matthew Razak here (for those who don't remember Cowzilla3). I've come over to Destructoid from Flixist for this post to use my film expertise to let you know some important information: the dog is going to die.� Don't get attached t...


Xbox Live Fall Dashboard going live tomorrow

It appears that at some point tomorrow when you turn on your Xbox you're going to see a few improvements and changes. The folks out there who have early Kinect games and have thus been locked out of Xbox Live have received messages th...


Monday Review: Drag Me to Hell

For some reason my computer logged me in as Cowzilla so this Monday Review is coming at you from the angry banana once again. Getting dragged to hell ain't so bad A little while ago someone asked me what recent horror movie I had actual...


Monday Review: Watchmen (the movie)

Go watch 'Watchmen' Wow. It's hard to know where to start when one is this impressed with a film. Do I begin with how Watchmen the graphic novel's epic storyline is beautifully and fantastically condensed into a film, or do I note how ...


10 things you didn't know about Cowzilla3

I've learned so much tonight, now I want to help others learn: 1. I'm on Rotten Tomatoes. It happened a month or so ago and is pretty much the most awesome thing ever. It's strange that the thing that really validates you as a film critic...


What is a Dtoid Community Member?

I originally sent this out in the whole emailer that seems to have started it all, but considering it's more about my take on the community than anything else it seems more appropriate to put it here. I tweaked a few things too. Sometimes w...


I'm on the internet TV!!!

ManiaTV.com's the War Room had me on this week to talk about Nintendo. I thought it went really well except that I said Ummm, way too much and kept looking away from my camera. Guess I'll have to work on these things. Anyway, figured some...


Live in DC? Get ready for vault life

In case you don’t know, that image above is what the inside of the DC metro system (subway in New York, the T in Boston, the underground in London) looks like. Also, in case you didn’t know, Fallout 3 takes place in a post-apocalyptic...


This sums it up perfectly

Out of all the billions of words I've read about Mega Man 9 I don't think anything has captured exactly what the game can do better than today's PA. Seriously, even if they hadn't put the text in I would have known what they were talking ...


Monday Review: Eagle Eye and Miracle at St. Anna

Spike Lee's New 'Miracle'? In the world of film WWII has been done. It’s been done well, it’s been done poorly. It’s been covered from every side and recreated in every angle under the sun. It has not however been done by Spike Lee...


Why you should play Mega Man 9 on the Wii

I don't want to come down on either side of a console war here but I believe that the above images clearly show why everyone should be playing Mega Man 9 on the Wii if they have that choice. You may site other benefits to other systems ...


Monday Review: Ghost Town

A Ghost of a Comedy Sorry, in a rush so now other pictures Ricky Gervais is a funny fellow. How else could a movie like "Ghost Town," which is so middle of the road in every other aspect, actually wind up being a fun little film that in...


Force Unleashed is a microcosm of the gaming world

So I played my way through the demo of Forced Unleashed and came away relatively disappointed in the whole thing. Then I read the reviews of the full game which basically confirmed my thoughts on the demo and decided not to get it. Then I...


Goodbye Tiff

We're having a sad day in Cowzilla's head today because our beloved Tiff is leaving us! How will Dtoid be without random videos of 3D cat cards and home made plushies worn on faces and heads. Plus, I'm sorry but Hamza just doesn't make me t...


My set-up and a little experiment

I've never post my set up. This is mostly because aside from my ridiculously expensive television there isn't that much to show off. I've got some games, some systems and no massive collection to blow anyone away. Though most people I have ...


Nintendo treats me well

So my girlfriend is pretty much obsessed with her Nintendog. So obsessed she decided that walking him and brushing her teeth or washing her face or whatever girls do over a running sink full of water was a great idea and dropped the her p...


Force Unleashed is good, but I hate it

So I downloaded the Force Unleashed demo today and played through it pretty quickly. I have to say it's the most fun I've had with the force in a long time though I saw plenty of imperfections along the way too. Fighting is great and all ...


Monday Review: Tropic Thunder

Thundering Laughter Tropic Thunder is one of those movies you go into desperately wishing for it to be good because its cast and premise could actually make for a hilarious movie, but deep inside you have the sinking feeling that it’s ...


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Names Matt Razak and I'm just a gamer with a Wii and a 360 and PS3. I'm also really, really, really, ridiculously good looking and a ninja...and humble. I'm the Editor and Chief at Flixist.

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