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Hands-on The Conduit

So I went to E3, but not with Dtoid. I figured I'd leave most of my posts away from the blogs since the editors do an amazing job of covering everything. Seriously they work their asses off, it's really impressive. But I noticed that Dtoid ...


Horror and comedy coming to a 360 near you

We all know that Evil Dead 2 is the greatest horror/comedy movie ever made. It won’t ever be topped, and that is a scientific fact proved by scientists with science. However, the race fro second place has always been a close call (Slith...


Will Wii Fit Work? Week 6

Why are all American holidays based around stuffing our faces full of food? You ever wonder that? I mean it’s awesome and I enjoyed the hell out of my Fourth of July grilling but it really through off my weighing for today. Of course it d...


Monday Review: Hancock

More Than a Funny Title Hancock is not the movie you’re expecting. All those trailers you’ve been watching and enjoying (other than the recent ones) are not advertising the movie you are going to see, but the movie they want you to t...


Will Wii Fit Work? Week Five

Over the past few weeks I’ve got plenty of response from this series of articles; from the supportive to the, well, not so supportive. I find that many of the comments revolve around things I’ve stated repeatedly either in my first impr...


LOLBAT! Hero for the innernetz

On a scale of 1 to not funny at all I thought this was going to be not funny at all when Mr. Kurtz described it but he pretty much nails it and I laughed. My laughter brings joy to many so I thought I'd share and we could laugh together....


Will Wii Fit Work? Week 4

I can now tell you that the gimmickry, for lack of a better word, of Wii Fit and the Balance Board wears off somewhere around week four. Yes, like a child with a new action figure an hour after opening the package, I have lost interest in...


How we can tell if Sonic Unleashed will suck

So plenty of people had responses to this video when Hamza posted it and many of them are correct. QTE can be fun and could work well in a Sonic game but if there is a dependence on them then it's going to fall flat. Let's all remember th...


Will Wii Fit Work? Week 3

Above you see a video of Diet.com’s fitness guru Sarah putting Wii Fit through its paces. Or putting a small fraction of the exercises through their paces and then making a decision on it after what seems to be about 20-30 minutes of us...


Monday Review: The Incredible Hulk

Monday Review on a Thursday!!!??? I know but I figured some of you might be wondering if a midnight screening is worth it, so now you'll know and knowing is half the battle. I’ll make a wager that The Incredible Hulk is hands down the ...


Educate Yourself FNF Reminder

When the game for the month is Castlevania how could we get together and play on any other day than Friday the 13th. Sure, some may say this is inviting bad luck to the whole thing but I say, nay, it is not. Why??? Because this was clearl...


Educate Yourself's FNF this Friday!

When the game for the month is Castlevania how could we get together and play on any other day than Friday the 13th. Sure, some may say this is inviting bad luck to the whole thing but I say, nay, it is not. Why??? Because this was clearl...


Will WiiFit Work? Week 2

I know what you’re thinking. We’ve already done week 2 last week. But technically that was only one week into it and really the first post should have been named something like “The Beginning” or “Genesis,” though the latter w...


Nyko Cord-Free Review

I would be lying if I was to tell you that upon hearing about Nyko’s Cord-Free Wireless Adaptor I was anything but perplexed. First, the thing looked incredibly ungainly with a plastic block sitting on the end of the Nunchuk and an extr...


Educate Yourself: May Wrap Up

Dear lord all mighty we made it through a second month and with even more success than than the first one. How do I measure such success? With cold hard facts my friend, cold hard facts. Fact one: There were three participants who blog ...


Will WiiFit Work? Week 2

So here we are, a week into using Wii Fit. How’s it going? Well to start off I’m actually heavier than I was when I started. Over memorial day weekend my BMI went up by .75 which is really not good. At the beginning of the weekend I w...


Gorglenox. The greatest word ever.

Listen. It's the future. We're playing videogames with our feet and if you look around you you'll notice everyone is wearing silver jump suits, has crazy future glasses on and we all live and work in terribly angular houses and buildings....


Monday Review: Speed Racer

I make my living watching and criticizing movies (well part of my living anyway) and thus am a professional. This means that reactionary reviews of movies are right out. My opinion is my opinion and other critic's opinions are theirs. But...


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