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Take Note, Sony: How To Save The PSP

Sony recently were bleating about wanting more games on PSP, naturally being disappointed about the situation. I feel its good that they are coming out and saying so, but such news bites require actions to have effect.

Anyway, I've decided to put my oar in, and give Sony some ideas, to help make the PSP more successful. This post will be in two sections, the first relating to games that should be on PSP, and the second relating to aps and extras that the PSP could have over the competition.

More Arcade Ports with online play, via possible download: Note most of these are quick fix games, and with arcades on the demise, the only other place these will appear now, is online or in game compilations.

Scud Race
Daytona USA
Street Fighter 3rd Strike
Rage of Dragons
Martial Masters
Xmen: Children of the Atom
Xmen VS Street Fighter

Being able to access online radio, record and playback via PSP. This is another angle that PSP could trump iPod on. I heard Apple recently refused an ap for Ipod, which would allow it to access online radio via wi-fi, a really stupid move IMO. If Sony were smart they'd look to exploit that, and really should sell the internet online radio aspect of PSP over iPod touch and iPhone. Online radio is the future.

DivX support. As a buyer of a lot of anime, this is one constant problem for PSP, lack of Divx/Xvid support. What's really odd is that Xbox 360 and PS3 supports it, so PSP should have no trouble at all. Using aps like PSP Video 9 to convert files is a dragged out exercise, which leads me to not bother converting any files to play on my PSP. That might seem cool from Sony's viewpoint (because of UMDs), but there are plenty of other portable media players out there that do support DivX. Movies are cool, but stuff from tv, like big sports events you can't buy.

Lastly, is the addition of trophies for PSP games. If it were possible to give all PSP games trophy support, the same as PS3 or with its own account, its very possible that such trophies could help PSP sales. It would be like the Live Achievements all over again. You could then view your accounts online. There were some whispers of this idea 08', but don't wait to long, Sony, as its possibly this one thing, could raise PSP game sales and yet save the PSP. So suprised they haven't done this yet, even if you shared a PS3/PSP account.
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