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Aussie/NZ Gamers Must Unite & Fight the Powers That Be


Focused group effort = more win.

I jumped across to gamepolitics.com and found this news post, concerning more bullshit in the land of Australia. It appears the muppets of their ratings board has band Fallout 3, upon the lame excuse of the game depicting drug taking. Follow the link. http://www.gamepolitics.com/2008/07/10/report-australia039s-fallout-3-ban-prompted-game-drug-use#comments

Once again, this is the double standard nature of the ratings board and aussie government, who still refuse to enforce an new R18 category for games. The true reason for this perhaps lays in pressure from the established media of film, when in truth they would also surely benefit from such a new rating in the end, as it may eventually trickle down to film too (feel free to correct if wrong).

Films about drugs or drug taking are okay.

Has any of the australian government seen films like Blow, which I'm sure is still on sale in australia. Drug taking/selling/dealing has been depicted many times and has been prevalent in films for many years. The question l'd be asked why is it okay for films and not games. I'm not buying that 'because you can do it in games' jibe excuse, because in all these games with such depictions, the player can't get high or feel the effects of the taking. If the player can't get high, and can only visually see the drugs onscreen and possible effects, how is this any worse than films?

I really think australian gamers should step up, grow some balls and stop this rubbish from happening. Australia is one of the largest nations on the face of the planet, which should account for a hell of a lot of adult gamers, who for too long have been treated like children (because only children play games, don't they?). Only they can break this vicious cycle.

I believe in response to not letting the australian government thought police get away with it, aussie gamers must unite and take them on. I'm surprised that none of them have got together already, especially with the power of the internet, to combat the ratings menace that plagues their past time.

If aussie (and new zealand) adult gamers love their games enough, I feel they should be doing the one thousand gamer march to their government parliament building and make their voices heard. Throw in some media coverage and it would be a stewing pot of unexpected trouble for the powers that be. I guess its all about how badly gamers down under want it. Keep pushing and you'll get what you want. I'm sure the ESA would help out in order to get thing rolling.

Perhaps you'll have to hire Snake, to get your copy of Fallout 3 into Australia.

Another interesting part of this saga is the australian government also trying to cut the importing angle in an effort to stop gamers second means (good luck with that, when has it ever worked). Hope they have enough manpower to handle it. I'm sure many will still brave this avenue than miss Fallout 3 altogether.

Do you want it enough, gamers down under? I pray this post will ignite the passionate spark in any aussie/new zealand gamers out there and get them to act. Only then will any change happen. A one thousand or million gamer march would really be something (wishful thinking perhaps). I'll refrain from convict island and prison bending over jokes, once you gamers unite and fight back.

Feel free to add your opinions.

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