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Attention Dtoid/Nintendo: Official Colors DS Release Please!!


Being an artist is a brilliant life of creative torture. Everything you see gives you ideas, and everthing else scrubs those ideas from your creative mind just as easily. Everywhere I go, I take a drawing pad and pencil with me, to capture such moments of inspiration. Problem is I use an A4 pad.

Cue the day, I purchase my regular copy of u.k digital art magazine Imagine FX, and I see this beautiful dream for my DS in a news segment. Its art art application called Colors which lets draw and paint on your DS. An Ingenious idea that's long overdue on DS, right? Just the kind of thing we've been wanting from day one of DS release. (Pictochat was nice but wasn't cutting it.)

But wait, there's a catch. It's only available on on homebrew DS's. Sweet but, god dammit!! And just how the freak do I do that then? What a shame, I don't have time to do that. Damn.

My advice to Nintendo, or perhaps even my french cousins over at Ubisoft, or somebody out there with some strings they can pull, contact Colors developer Jens Andersson, and see about getting this baby released officially. There's so many gamers and artists out there that would purchase this at retail.

If you feel the same, please drum up your support and give this brill little piece of genius some exposure. How about it Dtoid?


Perhaps Destructoid should contact Jens Andersson for an interview. We need this thing to happen in a very Jam Sessions way and get it released.

So you all want to see how effective the art work can be on DS? Head over to the links below and check out the art some have been up to.

Hopefully Colors will be better than the upcoming Paint By DS game. I think so, but go to the links and judge, some of the art work is great. There's nothing like uploaded art you can share with everyone.

Videos of Colors DS in action are also available on You Tube.


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