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Terrors From The Past EP.1 Pinocchio the Jackass

This is the First Blog post in a series of post that, explores the mystery of what my generation grew up with (1987) The things that was supposed to be safe, suppose to teach us a lesson, but ended up being a horrifying experience that will forever shape how we view the world

The Transformation Of Pinocchio

I was finally able to catch a glimpse of the new bluray release of that Disney masterpiece Pinocchio, lets just say it looks great..

But as I was standing apparently drawn into the movie once again as a 21 year in Walmart, I remember when I first saw it and fell in love with it, I was especially thrilled with the thought of an island will Boys ca do whatever they felt like with seemingly no consequences, but I was reminded of the most horrifying scene ( at least in my mind) that a six year child can experience from what is suppose to be a a completely harmless film.

The Set-Up

After Pinocchio is captured away by the promises of his "Friends" he finds himself on Pleasure Island, A place where little boys can do whatever they feel like, even that which is usually forbidden of them by adults. Pinocchio befriends Lampwick an older Child with very destructive tendency, and together the two set out on a night of drinking, smoking, and general debauchery. Jiminy Cricket , after putting up with Pinocchio's....disregard for the rules... runs out and decides to let Pinocchio deal with the trouble he has caused for himself. It is only after an attempt to leave the island does Jiminy realize the dirty secret of the island, that they turn these disrespectful punks into hardworking Jackasses. (which is great considering that before Jiminy left Pinocchio with his friends Lampwick, he tells Pinocchio that he will make an ass of himself. We Then see Pinnchio and Lampwick in the bar as they begin to change into donkeys, in one of the most frightening scene in a child's movie I have seen yet. Have a look at the video posted below


I was standing in Walmart staring in disbelief about how traumatic this scene should have been for me as a young kid, Lampwick first clawing at Pinocchio with his human hands screaming for help then all of a sudden he is no longer clawing at Pinocchio but is instead braying and hoofing him. I think as an adult I was more scared then i was as a kid.I am starting to wonder if i have any mental problems stemming from me watching this as a young kid. I mean everything else seems to cause a mental breakdown, why not this scene. Anyway what do you guys think about this scene did this seem scary to you as a child or are you more shocked as an older adult after viewing it after so many years?

Also any other things I should examine from the early years that seem to be scary to you then , and quite possibly now?
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