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I'm going to talk with Swery at TGS about The Good Life. If you guys have any good questions you'd like me to ask shoot 'em at me.


Found this video online but might need a mod to look it over ;)


Well I never knew there were "BS" Third Quest Zelda games on the Satellaview in which you can play as a girl. Just when I thought I knew everything about Zelda.


Why was there a PS mouse? What games was it intended for?


I knew Mirror's Edge Catalyst wasn't so greatly received but wanted to play it myself anyway. Very pretty, but definitely has a lot of issues holding it back from reaching the heights of the original.


You know what? I give up. I'm just going to call him Betamax.


Tactical wargaming meets pinball with voice commands in feudal Japan from the makers of Seaman. Now that's an oddity I never knew of.


Max settings in Life is Strange Before the Storm are "Hella High"


After like 400 declines, I finally got a job that will let me continue living in Japan. My god so much stress has just been lifted out of me


For a resume to localize at Square Enix, I must write 800-1000 words on a confrontation between the protagonist of any of Square's games and a descendant(s) of the same game's villian. Hmm, I guess I can't make Tidus fight himself


So North Korea fired missiles over Japan and woke me up to missile warning alarms. If I die in the next few weeks I want everyone to remember that Mass Effect 1 is the best game in the series and 2 ruined it all.


https://twitter.com/marynicolexx/status/900555512709660672 Original video taken down apparently but this is amazing (spongebob anime opening)


The Japanese find a way to sexualize anything, even solar eclipses


Life tip: Don't scratch your eyes after eating chicken nuggets w/ tabasco


SNES Classic Bundles live here http://www.thinkgeek.com/snes-classic-bundles/


Seems like gamestop italy has snes classics for now https://www.gamestop.it/Platform/Games/105921


Replace "Turboman" with "SNES Classic"


It amazes me how much people shit on Walking Dead, Life is Strange,etc which are excellent games and are excellently written. Those people just blow nitpicks out of proportion or complain about things they've invented in their heads ie absolutely nothing.


Japanese dude found a way to look up RE7 girls skirt https://twitter.com/konarofu/status/897629594492260352


Beard papa's freshn natural cream puff Now thats some drink


Oh DB intros is a thing. I see, there's only one obviously


I've been writing for Destructoid for one year as of today..... I guess that's the end of my post


there are too many video games desu


For the record Last of Us is equally overrated but I don't have much to say about it other than the writing is subpar and gameplay is meh.


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