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After killing a cockroach, I am now heading to bed with the lights on. Saving up for these new pajamas


OH MY FUCKING GOD i sit with a pillow up against the wall and, as i was writing, a huge as fuck black cockroach just crawled out from behind me. god knows how long hes been there or in my room. thank fuck i bought cockroach spray. im moving to alaska


after reading like 2 sentences into this mauer stuff i realized i dont really give a shit. back to EX Troopers


the look is improving. was afraid the game was going to keep looking all plastic-like but now im confident it'll look normal by release


Am I crazy or does this splotch in the road look like Mario giving a thumbs up?


Nothing like walking by beautiful couples in yukata during the romantic tanabata (star festival) on a Friday night to make you feel alone


May sound like an advert but really if you want to buy merchandise related to games or anime including figures the best shops are AmiAmi, HobbyLink Japan, JBOX, and Play Asia.


Spend 30 minutes getting proper and putting on a suit only to realize its a phone interview (rather than skype)


New Japan mascot is literally.


Damn man, all the E3 buildup is making me really want to play some vidjagames but its been months since ive had any freetime at all.


Damn man, all the E3 buildup is making me really want to play some vidjagames but its been months since ive had any freetime at all.


well, there was hope a new tales game would be announced at the tales festival today but no such announcement


"Thank goodness I'm Japanese" photo, featuring a Chinese woman


The BEST YouTube channel just lost one of its members, Tyler. Respect the decision to leave but man, what a gut punch


Sexy Japanese girl in a bikini with a banana advertises....a mobile game?


After 200 something hours i finally found hestu and the master sword


Too busy to do a full article, but its cool that the great author Natsume Soseki is coming to Great Ace Attorney 2. One funny comment: "If it ever comes west he'll be localized as Mark Twain"


Need a breath mint? Carry them in pokeballs!


Theres going to be Zelda and Kirby songs, characters in Taiko no Tatsujin arcade machines. I want a plush of that Link


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