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Attending the Tokyo Switch event in pictures

Top of the mornin' lads! Yesterday I went to the Nintendo Switch event at Tokyo Big Sight (my first time there) to get my hands on the new console and some of the new games. I'm going to be writing up previews for the console along wit...


Surprise festival near my home

I was wondering why there were tall bamboo stick and lanterns being put up near the train station in my city. After coming home from watching Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (so-so, doesn't live up to Harry Potter) to...


Japan Snack Shopping

Waiting on a call I decided to pop into a store out of boredom, looking for Halloween treats. I starting taking pictures of video game snacks, but some of the more silly things caught my eye. First let me show a few standard video game...


Sonic swag: Drop DeadxSonic clothing line

I just found out about this. Was going to do it as a front news story til CJ told me its old news. But it's just so darn silly I can't help but say something. Just look at this video!  And these! Unless these "Power Sneakers" act...


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I like to tell myself I have OCD, which is one reason I obsessively try to visit as many countries around the world as possible and want to play every significant or at least well-received game out there (same goes for movies). I spend most of my free-time trying to clear those backlogs while also trying to obsessively learn as much about games in particular through various sources.

When I'm not busy overloading my brain with game stuff I'm watching (college) sports, traveling, and trying quirky new things in Japan like visiting owl cafes. I also contribute at Gematsu.